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KARIN JEANNE BLUM: an artist with children's eyes

This Parisian who has adopted the codes of the capital nevertheless remains a child of the Ile d’Yeu – where she was born – whose colours, places and smells she preciously preserves and interprets in her works. Her works are imbued with nostalgia, a nostalgia that is not melancholy but happy, that we evoke with pleasure. The pines, the beaches and the relief are those of the island. Not copied, but a source of inspiration. The wind is the same; a crazy gamble – but a successful one! – of the artist who excels in the representation of this invisible element… An assembly of memories and emotions. Elements of the past painted in the present. It is the artist’s DNA that is fully expressed.


When asked what her favourite colour is, she answers without hesitation: “the blue of the sea when it is angry”. But of this sea of the Ile d’Yeu, of which she keeps the image of her childish eyes. Even if anger is a feeling that this painter does not seem to know. From her works emerges a feeling of appeasement, of joy. The colours blend, the shapes (con)fuse, the eyes are captured by the poetry that blows over the paintings like a gentle wind, like the caress of a much-loved grandmother.

Her current painting was born of a challenge: “A gallery owner who wanted to represent me challenged me to abandon the characters of my previous creations, as she was only exhibiting landscapes. So the creatures that used to dress my works gave way to huts on stilts; but I only see this as an evolution of my painting: the stilts being the legs and the structures the bodies of these human forms that continue to bring my works to life”, the artist likes to recall. His sensitivity is evident in the delicacy of his strokes and in the right choice of tones.

La cabane du p├ęcheur -

Her technique is acrylic, which she works in the same way as watercolour. She draws large blocks of colour and gives them a specific direction. These backgrounds become sources of inspiration for the creation of the paintings. The chilli powders fall, the shapes take shape, the works take form, the lines are simple but pure…: the artist expresses herself through gesture, guided by emotion and positive waves. And when she is not completely satisfied with a creation, this canvas becomes a palimpsest: the game starts again, the background becomes a new source of inspiration. Yes, we can talk about play, because Karin Jeanne Blum is one of those artists for whom painting is a bubble in which she likes to take refuge. A painting that protects, comforts, a swing of feelings on which she invites us to settle for a ride with our emotions.

Very attached to her native island, Karin will donate one of her paintings to the S.N.S.M., the sea rescue society. So that this element of nature is always peaceful. Like her works.

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